M.Performance Viper / Speedwerx




The engine was equipped with a billet head, V-force reeds, Speedwerx pipes, and jetted with 167.5 mains for the first dynorun

Stock engine with Pipes,
Billet Head,
V-Force reeds and 167,5 main jets

Graf Data

Went down to 160 mains second run, and the engine responded by making 149.5hp @ 9000rpm with a 0.62 BSFC

160 main jet

Graf data

We ended up using 162.5 mains, making 147.5hp

The fit was excellent, and the pipes have the best manifolds I have ever seen. The sound is fine (I'm tired of pipes sounding like a nosediving Spitfire....)

Ad's say: Pipes 156hp, billet head +3hp, reeds 4.5hp....
Catalog horsepower vs. dyno horsepower, wich do YOU prefer?

"Thanks HAMMER"